Sunday, February 8, 2009


So Tangkahan, this was about 2 weeks ago now but I need to keep you people up to date even if I am slacking with this.

Tangkahan is a small jungle village a little ways out of the city that we wanted check out. All of us here at Labu went. Of course we took the bikes, nothing will ever beat the open road our bikes, ever. The ride there took about 5 hours and it was a great day for riding, no rain in site.
The trip there was like any other, crazy traffic, shouts/stares from the locals and bumpy fucking roads. Makes for a great ride though.

When we got there we all parked our bikes then had to fill out this visitors form that took a while. I think they just wanted to have proof of how many white people actually make it out that way.

The place we stayed at while we were there was called the Jungle Lodge and their restaurant area was right above the river. Every time I ate I had this view to go along with it...

The first night we kept it quiet and just chilled. When you're in a place like this that's all you really want to do.
The next day we had planned to take the elephant trek through the jungle. We headed down to the river for about 2ish and we spotted the elephants down the river on their way to pick us up.
None of us had ever been on an elephant trek before but we all expected the elephants just to take a straight path on through the jungle. The path was rarely ever straight or level, it was all over the place. The elephants were taking us up and down this muddy hills like it was nothing. We had to hold on pretty damn tight in some spots just because of how steep the hills were.

Once we got through the jungle about an hour had passed and we were on our way to where the elephants get bathed and fed. We crossed this river that was pretty deep but once again it was nothing for the elephants. Feeding them was pretty awesome. They would open their huge mouths right in your face and you would just toss the food in. They would try to grab at your food with their trunks too. We then walked with the elepants back down to the river right when it started to rain. We washed and played around with the elephants for quite a while before it was time to head back.

The way back to our guest house was via tubes down the river. They tie enough tubes together for all the people in your group plus the two locals that will help steer. The river was mostly calm, a small bit rough in a few spots but we made it back fine and it was dope. That night we just relaxed again and got to some serious poker. We headed back to Medan the next day and back to work the day after that.

Since then I have just been doing my time at work and being my same old lazy self on the weekends. I will try to keep this thing more up to date for any of you who are reading this...


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