Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I saw it again...

Even better the second time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Star Trek/Zombies

The movie I have been waiting almost a year for finally made it to the city I reside.

I was at the Plaza with my BRAH to buy some much needed Sushi and take a little peep at the Cinema.
To our surprise the Cinema was playing Star Trek at midnight. I'm guessing the midnight shows here are used as a test run. They play a film for a weekend or two only on midnight shows and if people are willing enough to see it then, then they should still be if they swap it to a regular schedule...enough about me looking at the science behind everything.

We got our tickets then and there obviously, but had hours to kill so we saw another film a few hours prior to Star Trek.
It was called Quarantine. When I think of something that is Quarantined I think of a Virus, when I think of a Virus I think of Zombies. I can never get enough Zombies. EVER.
I wasn't sure if it was about zombies because the trailer didn't give anything away as to why there was a Quarantine. I just had to wish, and boy was a right.
Not the best movie in the world, but it had Zombies which made up for it. They always do.

Back to the Trek.

I have been watching the original series over the past little while and it was really cool to be so into that and be able to jump to the new one to compare EVERYTHING. I was also able to read the Star Trek "Countdown" Comic Series as well, which filled me in with some pre-film storyline.

All the new actors did a pretty decent job of playing such memorable characters. I thought the guy who played Doctor McCoy was spot on. I also really dug the tension between Kirk and Spock. That was really well played out through the film. All the others were there from the Original Series but didn't seem to be as large a portion of the film as Kirk or Spock. I'm sure the next one will bring them all together even more so.
If you haven't seen it yet, make sure that you do. Even if you don't know the characters all that well it is still a great Star Trek film to get you into the series.

Long Live Star Trek
Long Live Zombies.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cigarrette Vocals

Earlier this week I was asked from my friend Cindy if I was willing to have my voice tested for some video her friends were doing. I went to do the voice test on Wednesday and they seemed to love it.
I was told I needed to sound a bit more "upbeat" so after some adjustments to my vocal cords I was able to give them what they needed.

The studio was editing a corporate video for a very large Tobacco company in Sumatera which exports all the smokes they make. Some of the smokes make it to English speaking countries so my vocals are being used for the English Audio on their corporate DVD.

It was incredibly easy and I might be doing it again in a few weeks for something new. Hopefully something a bit more interesting because reading facts about a tobacco company was a bit dull.