Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So the University presentation was this past weekend and I was bit nervous the morning of because having to speak for an hour in front of 100 students can do that to you.

Things were a bit odd on the way to the university. Our boss straight up tells us he lied to us when he asked if we wanted to do this a few weeks back. He told us it would be doing the presentations for 100 people when actually it was more like 400... that son of a bitch!
That wasn't really the best news to hear on the way there but shortly after that we found out the presentation only needed to be about 20 minutes from each of us. I would be talking about Canada and Danny would be talking about England. We both dug the new time limit.

I was a bit pissed though because I had stayed up late the night previous to make sure I had about an hour worth of info to throw at these kids only to find out it was needed.
It did make the presentation easier though, I got to cut some of the "fat" from my presentation, the boring stats.

It was a really easy day. There were two presenters before us, then us, then a final presentation after the lunch break. The lunch break was a bit hectic though because everyone there wanted photos with us and some of them even wanted autographs, Danny and I even got to sign a shirt for one of the hosts. We were celebrities for the day. It can be a bit like that sometimes just walking around the city or going to the mall but this was intense. Autographs? Seriously?

They gave us each a nice framed certificate too, thanking us for participating which was really nice.
I would easily do it again if they asked...gotta get my money right, ya heard?