Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Housemate

So the story of the new housemate goes as follows...

Our crazy maids were over last week to do their usual maid things and the one girl decided to bring her cat. Pretty cute little bastard so I dug her. I kind of jokingly asked if I could have her cause she was pretty cool. The maid (i forget her name) talked about it for a minute with the other maid (name also forgotten) and she said yes.
Charlie (my housemate) and I just looked at each other and were like "really?" We made sure it was all good with the rest of the house and she is now ours. I was going to let the maids take her back home for a few days while we were away just so she wouldn't be lonely. While I was thinking about this I noticed that the maids really liked to poke at it and be pretty damn mean to it. When they wanted to pick her up they would do so by putting a hand around the kittens throat and carrying it around like that. Right away I was like fuck that and made sure she stayed here from then on.

The cat was pretty filthy and she was also crawling with fleas. I flew to the nearest pet shop and grabbed the goods to give her a wash and picked up a flea collar as well. She is doing much better now and seems to have gained a bit of weight. She is already noticeably stronger then when we all first met her.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am proud to introduce Lionel...

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