Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Java Trip

So exam week is coming up and I'm taking a little time off to go see a few more places in Indonesia.
I have been wanting to head over to Java since my sister said she was coming out. She wasn't willing to do any heavy traveling when she got here so we took it fairly easy.

Speaking of fairly easy, when I go over to Java soon I won't be doing anything too heavy. I will fly to Jakarta the night of the 22nd, spend the night there, exploring a little, then fly off to Yogyakarta the next afternoon.

When I touch down in Yogyakarta I will meet up with Tom and Charlie, right away renting out a motorbike and heading to Borobudur to spend the night close by and see amazing views like this the next morning...

After spending most of the day at this beautiful place we will eventually head back to Yogyakarta to poke around there for a bit. On Friday mid afternoon I will fly back to Jakarta to see a bit more of it. I have some friends there that can show me around and let me see the best bits. I plan on hanging around in Jakarta until Sunday. My flight heads back early Sunday I really need to change that so I can come back later... perhaps now...

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