Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So about two weeks back or so my housemates Tom and Charlie were surfing through Air Asia's website. They came across some kick ass deals on flights to China from KL (which is in Malaysia). The flights per person for a round trip were about 200 bucks. You can't beat a 6 hour flight to China for that cheap. They also found cheap ass flights to get from Medan to KL for only about 40 bucks and that's a round trip. So all the way to China from Medan for under 250 bucks isn't bad at all. We are going to have to pay something like another 50 bucks to immigration for leaving the country (which we though was going to be 250), but hell, how can you say no for that price.

They both thought right away that maybe they could go and asked the rest of us if we all wanted to go. I was stoked on the idea because I have been thinking lately about heading up to China in the next year or two to teach. This could be my sneak preview.
Then right after that thought reality hit, I didn't have the money to pay for the flight.
I then, being my usual self, starting to think maybe I shouldn't spend the money, I could put it towards something else. But like I said, how can you say no for that price.

My two housemates, being as amazing as they are, offered to front me the money for the flight and we could figure that out later. Whoever thought two "English" could have such big hearts...?
I was unsure about it at first, thinking again about the money, but of course I said yes.

So come the end of June I will be taking a stroll along the Great Wall and training it through China with my two housemates. We all are incredibly stoked and will probably be loosely planning out itinerary soon.

Holy shit I can't wait.


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