Monday, November 22, 2010

This ain't the down it's the upbeat, make it complete.

Got some photos out of the way finally. They were overdue but it felt good to finally complete a little 'project'. One of many.
Guitar is ummm... getting there. Gym is still the gym and it still feels good to be going. It's my longest stretch at the gym yet.
My TEFL course is coming along. I'm just about finished the largest portion of it and then I'll have just a few smaller ones to go.

I went on a Hash run last night.

It is basically an excuse to get drunk and socialize with a decent little trek before hand.
You show up, pay your fee 45000 rupiah (5 dollars Canadian) and you just gather around meeting the other 'hashers'. Once everyone shows up you head out on the hash. One member has already gone ahead and laid a paper trail on the route through the jungle so you know where to go. We had a group of about 20 plus heading out on this hash and it took a little over an hour to get through the trail. Once you're back at base camp there are showers, food, kegs of beer and someone who cleans your shoes for 2000 rupiah (20 cents). Once everyone's back, showered and had a few they had out punishments.
All the members form a circle around the ring leader who has a tray of beers ready. He basically just goes around the circle taking the piss out of everyone and giving these 'punishments'. The things they call you on could be completely true or just absolutely random. It could be something like 'you were the last one out of the trail so you get a punishment' or 'your shoes are new so now you have to drink a beer from them. When you get called to the middle of the circle they hand you a glass of beer, sing this little song and at the end you have to chug it back.

The new guys get called to the center quite a few times their first night and it was no exception for me of course. I got called in a few times just for being the new guy, no other reason. Once I got called in because I had my hand in my pocket. The ring leader just pointed at me and yelled 'he's wanking! there's no wanking allowed'. For that I had to chug another beer and also have cold water poured down my shorts. That happened to me 3 times. This goes on for quite a while until they announce 'social drinking' where you finally sit down and realize how much beer you just drank.
Got home pretty late and didn't get much done at work today. I'll have to make up for that tomorrow.

Been thinking about Christmas lately. I think it's because they have already put up decorations at my work... Can't decide what to do. I'm kind of wishing I went home for Christmas instead of in the summer. Maybe I miss the winter a little bit.

Anyone want to fly me back?

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