Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Mister

Again I feel I'm juggling too many things at once. I'm teaching myself how to play guitar, trying to get to the gym 3 days a week, working on photos I have been putting off for ages along with new ones I keep taking, working on school work outside of office hours so I can get a bit ahead with planning and I just started an online TEFL course which has already started chewing up more of my time! A little while back I started to write something as well but I don't really know where that's going at all...

Also a new friend of mine, who I feel I am just starting to get to know, will be leaving Medan soon so I've been spending most of my weekends with her. I'm not complaining about her taking up my time at all. If I did I would probably get a few angry messages back saying "bloody this and bloody that you bloody twat."

Another busy weekend coming up and I know for sure at least one day will be a complete write off... I'll just have to hope for some magical Indonesian holiday to appear, like they do, so I can have some extra time to knock a few things out the way.

Come on indo holiday!!

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